Haley wins Washington primary

It is her first victory against Trump, even if it is probably only symbolic: Nikki Haley won the Republican primary in the US capital Washington. Tomorrow's Super Tuesday will be crucial.

According to a survey, Donald Trump has suffered his first defeat in the race for the US Republican presidential nomination.

In the internal party primaries in the capital Washington D.C. His rival Nikki Haley prevailed on Sunday, according to voter surveys by data service provider Edison Research.

Nikki Haley’s chances remain slim

Accordingly, she received 62.9 percent of the vote, while the ex-president only got 33.2 percent. It is her first victory in the nomination process and a symbolic success for the former US ambassador to the United Nations. However, Haley’s chances of winning the Republican nomination and running against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in November remain slim.

Haley’s victory gives her 19 of the 1,215 delegate votes needed for the nomination. Trump won the first eight primaries by large margins. According to opinion polls, the former president will continue to win almost all primaries.

Washington an anti-Trump stronghold

The Republicans in the capital, which Trump repeatedly describes as a political “swamp,” are considered predominantly moderate conservatives. Trump’s campaign team said Sunday that Haley has now been “crowned queen of the swamp.” Trump, on the other hand, wants to “drain the swamp.”

It is not the first time that Republicans have opposed Trump in the capital. In the last Republican nominating election in the District of Columbia in 2016, Trump received less than 14 percent of the vote and no delegates, despite winning the nomination nationally.

Washington D.C. is 100 percent urban, and a relatively high proportion of residents have a university degree. Many top Republican politicians – including Trump – portray the city as infested with crime and ruled by out-of-touch elites. Trump’s base is essentially rural and particularly strong in areas with low levels of education.

On Tuesday, the so-called Super Tuesday, primaries will take place in 15 states and one US territory. 874 Republican delegates will then be up for election. The Democratic primaries in Washington D.C. take place in June.

Trump’s trial is scheduled to begin in May 2024


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