Palace makes unusual statement about Princess Kate

It's been a long time since Princess Kate appeared in public. After her stay in the hospital, the rumors increased. This is going too far for the palace.

If there’s one thing the British royal family is known for, it’s their reserve. The palace only speaks out in extreme emergencies, and public comments are correspondingly few and far between.

But in recent weeks and months it has happened more often that the monarchy’s spokespeople have been forced to make statements. After all, it wasn’t just King Charles III. in the hospital and went public with his cancer diagnosis – Princess Kate also spent several days in a clinic.

But apart from the information that the 42-year-old had undergone “planned abdominal surgery”, Kensington Palace did not reveal any further details.

After the procedure took place, it was only announced that Kate would stay in the hospital for between ten and 14 days and then continue to recover at home – probably until Easter.

“Princess of Wales out of action until after Easter”

That was more than a month ago now. Since then there has been a break from broadcasting. This not only increases speculation among the British population, the rumor mill is also running hot on social media.

Apparently so hot that the otherwise publicity-shy palace felt compelled to make a statement. A very unusual process.

In an official statement, which is available to the British Daily Mail, among others, Kensington Palace makes it clear:

“We were very clear from the start that the Princess of Wales would be out of action until after Easter, and Kensington Palace will only provide information when there is something important to report.” It’s not just the fact that the palace is making a statement, but also the wording that makes you sit up and take notice. It almost seems as if the royals are annoyed – or tense.

Most recently, Prince William’s last-minute cancellation of the memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece fueled the rumor mill.

On February 27, the palace cited only “personal matters” as the reason and said that Princess Kate “is doing well.” No further details were released. All the whispering and whispering will only really end when Princess Kate appears in public again. But there are still almost four weeks until Easter.


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