Halil Falyali dies following shooting

Turkish Cypriot Businessman Halil Falyali has died following an shooting outside of his home in North Cyprus.

Falyali was said to be on his way home in Çatalköy, Grine when his car was ambushed and attacked outside of his residence. 

His driver Murat Demirtaş was pronounced dead at the scene, Falyali  was said to be in a critical condition,  he was initially take to Girne Akçiçek Hospital, then transferred to Dr Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Lefkosa and finally to Near East University Private Hospital where it was announced he had passed.

The attack took place around 7.45pm (local time)Falyali’s wife and three children were said to be in the vehicle  behind then the attack took place. It’s believed they were not involved in the attacked.

Unconfirmed reports by local news outlets and across social media have shared a CCTV image of two men using a van said to be leaving the scene to the near by shoreline and flee the island by sea.

The Turkish Cypriot police has said that would be carrying tight controls on all road route to Ercan Airport as their investigation continues.

Who was Halil Falyali

The Businessman was in the luxury hotel business, the owner of Les Ambassadeurs Hotel, the Falyali family also has business interests in the betting industry in the TRNC.

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