Helene Fischer makes a statement about the rumor that the baby was born too early

First, Helene Fischer denied that her child was born at home. Another rumor about the birth of the Schlager baby is unfounded.

It has been quiet around Helene Fischer (37) since autumn 2021: After announcing her pregnancy and a last appearance on “Wetten, dass …?”, the pop singer had almost completely withdrawn from the public during the baby break – until now .

Helene Fischer has become a mom: there are many rumors about the birth of a baby

It wasn’t until the end of March that the Schlager-Queen returned to the stage: Helene Fischer celebrated a brilliant comeback concert in Switzerland – with her fans and without a baby bump. There are numerous rumors surrounding the birth of the Fischer baby – Helene Fischer has now refuted another one.

Officially, Helene Fischer never announced the birth of her child – the singer protects her private life too much. Only in an interview with Bild did Helene Fischer chat at the end of March about the first time as a mom: “I’m not really fit yet. That takes time. Anyone who has just become a mom knows that.”

Explosive: It was also the newspaper that first reported the baby news about the singer at the beginning of January 2022 and spread some rumors around the world. Among other things, one could read about an alleged home birth by Helene Fischer, the date of birth and the alleged name of the child. Also that Helene Fischer is said to have given birth to a daughter, Bild reported.

Helene Fischer denies the rumor that her baby was born prematurely

It is now clear: not every rumor circulating about the birth of Helene Fischer’s baby is true. At the end of January 2022, Bild had to publish a counter-statement in which Helene Fischer made it clear: “I didn’t have a home birth”.

And another rumor is apparently not true either: In a report dated January 28, 2022, Bild wrote about Helene Fischer: “Her daughter was born two months earlier.” A myth that is apparently also completely unfounded – as from a renewed counter-statement newspaper emerges.

In it, Helene Fischer speaks for herself with a statement and announces: “I note here: My daughter was not born two months earlier.” The statement is signed with “Inning, January 31, 2022” and the name of the singer ( read more celebrity news on RUHR24).

Helene Fischer contradicts a rumor about the birth of a baby – the tabloid gives in

Bild agrees with the singer’s objection, but also adds a comment from the editors: “Helene Fischer is right. However, Helene Fischer’s daughter was born before the calculated date of birth, “says the newspaper. Where the newspaper gets its information from – and whether it is true in this case – is not known.

Helene Fischer has not yet commented on other rumors about the birth of her child – such as the name or the birthday. As early as autumn 2021, she admitted in an interview with presenter Janin Ullmann that she was troubled by the constant rumors about her pregnancy: “What has been reported in the last few weeks has annoyed me immensely because it is such an invasion of my privacy is,” the singer said at the time.

She herself doesn’t want to “appear at all” in the gossip press, the hit star also openly admitted in autumn 2021 – and will therefore probably continue to protect her child’s privacy like a lioness.

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