Hindus want Gypsies culture and history to be in school textbooks of Europe

Roma Gypsies Culture and History

Hindus stress that apartheid, atrocities, psychological pressure and pain faced by Roman Gypsies along with Roman culture and history should appear in the history textbooks of European schools.

Hindus want culture and historical atrocities on Gypsies culture and history be included in school textbooks of Europe.

President of Universal Society of Hinduism Rajan Zed, in a expression in Nevada (USA) today, stated that Europe had been practically ignoring many mass atrocities and repression suffered by Roma for centuries; including those associated with Holocaust, concentration camps, holocaust, fascist grim and maltreatment, serfdom, internment, discharge, mob violence, etc.

Gypsies Culture and History

Inclusion of atrocities against Roma in Europe over centuries,  Rajan Zed said that, ‘ Gypsies culture and history in school curriculum would bring transparency and better understanding among coming generations of the communities.’

Rajan Zed also recommended building memorials esteeming Roma victims of maltreatment over centuries and museums displaying Gypsies culture, history and traditions and apartheid faced by them. When would this group of about 15-million Gypsies, living in Europe since around ninth century, be treated fairly just like other Europeans, historians ask.

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