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Incidents over the North Sea: Russian long-range bombers to test NATO air defense / Breaking News


Two Russian bombers have alerted the air defense of several NATO countries. Similar incidents there for years, but European military assume that Moscow the reaction skills tests reinforced because of the Ukraine crisis.

Have enabled interceptors NATO on alert Two Russian long-range bombers. The machines of the type Tupolev Tu-95 approaching over the North Sea the air spaces of the Netherlands and Great Britain.

According to the Dutch Major Wilko Ter Horst, the bomber will be penetrated half a mile into the air space of the country on Wednesday. It is told that two F-16 jets risen from Volkel Air Force Base and have Russian aircraft escorted “to ensure that they leave our airspace,” said Ter Horst. Also Danish and British interceptors were involved in the application.

Also north of Scotland Russian Tu-95 approaching British airspace. It is told that ascended from the military base Leuchars two Typhoon jets. “The Russian military aircraft remained all the time in international airspace, for which they also have the right,” said a spokesman with the Ministry of Defence in London.

Russian Provacation North Sea:Russian warship alarmed British destroyer

RAF Typhoon with Russian Bear-H Aircraft
RAF Typhoon with Russian Bear-H Aircraft

The governments of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom reported that there had been similar incidents in the past few years several times – according to data from The Hague last September 10, 2013, and on March 21 this year. Military experts believe that the Russian army with these maneuvers will test the reaction times and abilities of the NATO air defense. High-ranking commanders go loud “Telegraph” assume that these incidents are piling up, should last the Ukraine crisis.

“Recent events have increased the attention towards Russian military maneuvers,” said British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond. “But we’ve always identified regular Russian aircraft and ships, intercepted and escorted.”

Also on Wednesday ordered the British navy destroyer “HMS Dragon” from the port of Portsmouth to the Russian warship “Vice Admiral Kulakov” escort. The destroyer had previously approached British territorial waters.

In the next week the UK wants four Typhoon jets – known in Germany as Euro Fighter – send to Lithuania. This is to the NATO air defenses to be strengthened in the Baltics. In addition to four Danish F-16 jets are stationed in Estonia. According to the government in Vilnius to Russian jets are now approaching every week the Lithuanian air space so that interceptors must ascend.

Usually, the NATO has four aircraft for monitoring in the Baltic States, as of next week it is so twelve jets. The military alliance’s response to the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the policy of the Kremlin towards Ukraine.

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