Death toll from Indonesia flash floods, landslides jumps to 21

7 people are still missing, as tens of thousands of people fleeing to temporary government shelters on Sumatra island, say officials

The death toll from flash floods and landslides on Indonesia’s Sumatra island has risen to 21, with tens of thousands of people fleeing to temporary government shelters, officials said on Sunday.

A river burst its banks and ripped through mountainside villages in West Sumatra’s Pesisir Selatan district late Friday, Doni Yusrizal, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency, told reporters.

According to Yusrizal, seven bodies were recovered in the village of Koto XI Tarusan, while another three were found in two neighboring villages, bringing the total number of deaths to 21.

However, seven people are still missing.

“Relief efforts for the dead and missing were hampered by power outages, blocked roads covered in thick mud and debris,” Yusrizal said.

The agency said at least two villagers were injured, while more than 80,000 people have fled to temporary government shelters.

Flash floods and landslides are common in Indonesia, where millions live near floodplains, particularly during the rainy season.

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