Is Putin seriously ill? British army chief speaks out

Since the beginning of the war, there has been speculation about Vladimir Putin's health.

The British Chief of Staff warns of wrong conclusions.

According to British Chief of Staff Tony Radakin, speculation about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s poor health is not very helpful. “Some of the comments that he’s not well or that someone will surely kill him or take him out I think are wishful thinking,” Radakin told the BBC on Sunday.

As professional military men, he and his colleagues see “a relatively stable regime in Russia.” Kremlin boss Putin managed to “suppress any opposition,” said Radakin. “Nobody at the top has the motivation to challenge President Putin.”

Speaking about the Ukraine war, the chief of staff said Russia’s ground forces may now pose less of a threat after setbacks in Ukraine. But Russia is “still a nuclear power,” Radakin said.

The country also has “cyber capabilities, space capabilities and special underwater programs.” These programs could threaten the undersea cables that carry data across continents, the chief of staff said.

“Russia is Greatest Threat” for Britain

Britain’s next Prime Minister must be aware that Russia is currently the “greatest threat” to the UK and will remain a challenge for decades to come.

The war in Ukraine will be the dominant topic at the military briefings for the successor to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Radakin said. Then “we must remind the Prime Minister of the extraordinary responsibility” he has at the helm of Britain’s nuclear power.

Boris Johnson was forced to resign as party leader on July 7 by an internal party revolt, which also means the end of his government office. On September 5, the new party leader is to be named, who will then also succeed Johnson.


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