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“Islamic State”: CIA reported in more than 30,000 IS-terrorists / Breaking News


The “Islamic State” recruits seem to be very successful: According to information from the CIA to fight in Iraq and Syria already up to 31,500 Islamists for the militia.

The terrorist militia “Islamic State” (IS) seems more fighters in their ranks to have than previously thought. Meanwhile, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency from 20,000 to 31,500 members in Iraq and Syria in use. The CNN reported, citing a CIA spokesman.

Since June increase recruitment for the extremists was observed. Reasons for the increased inflow were among others “successes on the battlefield and the proclamation of the Caliphate”. In addition, the militia have developed additional sources of information.

In the fight against IS Barack Obama can hope for an increasingly large Alliance. Ten Arab countries wishing to participate in the US-initiated by President alliance with Europe. Even Australia and Canada and other NATO members want to support the alliance. The Islamists control large parts of Iraq and Syria and massacring of other faiths.

In a joint statement the ten Arab countries declared after an anti-terrorism conference in the Saudi port city of Jeddah, they had agreed to do their part to fight against the extremists and to support military action. This was reported by Arab news channel Al Arabiya. With his trip to the region tries Secretary of State John Kerry to win more States for the objectives of the United States. Previously he had said in Jeddah, in the fight against “Islamic state” I’m the Arabs a leading role.

As countries besides Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. They said, among other things, to stop the financial flows of the extremists and the influx of foreign fighters. Turkey, who also attended the conference in Jeddah, is not among the signatories of the Declaration. From Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the IS-fighters were still funded at least in the early days. Kerry will travel to Turkey and then to Paris.

When the United States can begin with air strikes in Syria, is still unclear. Even in Iraq, Obama had indeed laid down the general criteria, but not signed any of the previously least 150 attacks personally, said his spokesman Josh Earnest. The new air strikes were not bound by it, before forming the moderate Syrian rebels, providing what Obama as the second part of his anti-IS strategy. He must complete this step until get approval from Congress, met there but partly to resistance.

War Against “Islamic State”:Australia increased security level to “high”

Australia, one of the allies in the fight against the IS, increased for the first time in a decade, the security level. The alert level has been set to “medium” to “high”, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced on Friday. This exploits that a “terrorist attack” is considered likely, even if not directly threatened. There are “certain people who have the intention and ability to organize attacks here in Australia,” Abbott said.

It is feared that Australian extremists who have fought in Iraq and Syria for the IS, could carry out attacks back in Australia.

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