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Italy Match-Fixing Betting Fraud: Attorney calls Gattuso marginal figure / Breaking News


From the perspective of the prosecutor’s former world champion Gennaro Gattuso is not a key figure in the Italian match-fixing scandal. The house search at the former football player was still necessary.

The former World Cup winner Gennaro Gattuso played in the new investigation into match-fixing in Italy, according to the prosecutor only a subordinate role. “Gattuso is one of hundreds accused in the investigation. It has done very sorry to hear and see certain things.’s Position is at the very edge, almost beside the point,” prosecutor Roberto Di Martino said the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

In the course of investigations into match-fixing in Italy also the home of former professionals had been searched from AC Milan on Tuesday. There was no other choice than to initiate investigation against the 35-year-olds, Di Martino said. “I personally Gattuso is also very personable,” he stressed. Nevertheless, he had the previous midfielder can not be treated differently than others. The ex-pro himself has maintained his innocence.

The results of the search warrant should now be carefully checked. “If we find something interesting, we will apply the disclosure to the court. If not, we put it off.”

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