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Jailhouse Striptease:Venezuelan prisoners has opened a nightclub in prison / Latin America News

Venezuelan Prisoners-Open-Nightclub-Jailhouse-Rock

Party in prison ! Venezuelan inmates have hosted an opening of their own night club, inviting strippers, and putting on a music show.

The party was visited by friends and families of the detainees, who publicized it through messages on social media, local El Universel newspaper reported.

The stunning situation was possible as criminals often use bribery and intimidation to take virtual control over the jails in the country, according to AFP.

The so-called “Yacht Club” at a prison on Margarita Island in the Caribbean has “professional sound, spectacular lights, air conditioning, strippers, bad girls and all the toys,” the prisoners wrote in an invitation to their opening night.

In the same prison, there is a cockfighting arena and a billiard room, according to New York Times. The inmates reportedly openly take marijuana and drink alcohol, while some of them stroll the territory of the facility with machine guns.

The Ministry of Corrections, the organ responsible for the country’s prisons, hasn’t issued any official comments yet.
Venezuela is notorious for having one of the highest crime rates in the world, with violence in jails leaving 600 inmates dead in 2012.

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