London Heathrow Airport:British Border Patrol Scandal ! 84-year-old Alzheimer’s patient dies in detention / UK News


Until the end he had to wear handcuffs: A 84-year old Canadian has died in a detention center at Heathrow Airport. The British Home Office & Border patrol torment never ends.

In a detention center near London’s Heathrow Airport is a 84 years old man from Canada has died in handcuffs. This emerges from a report that the British prison authorities HMIP published. HMIP had the prison Harmondsworth near the largest airport in the UK in August checked unannounced.

It was “shocking” cases where, where “lost the sense of humanity” was. A 84-year-old Canadian, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s should only be brought to the hospital after doctors had given him custody certified disability. He died in his bonds.

Another prisoner was still in handcuffs, after he had been sedated in the hospital. Overall psychologically stressful procedures would be used excessively, without this command security.

The British Prison Reform Trust organization criticized in the prison were “the fundamental principles of humanity and decency” forgotten.

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