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Missing students in Mexico: Police summarizes submerged Mayor / Breaking News

Federal police on a boat search a river for missing student teachers, who disappeared last month and are feared massacred, in Acatlan

He is said to have ordered the abduction of 43 students in the Mexican Iguala: The police has nabbed the volatile mayor José Luis Abarca in Mexico City.

More than a month after the disappearance of 43 students in southwestern Mexico Submitted by the Mayor of the city of Iguala police has been arrested. José Luis Abarca and his wife were taken in Mexico City, as the federal police said. The Mexican television reported, the mayor and his wife had rented an apartment in Mexico City and held there until now hidden.

The brother Abarca would now be heard as the police. Further details were not yet known. The Mayor is considered as the mastermind of the crime. The authorities suspect that Abarca confronting the students ordered to prevent them disturbing a speech with his wife protests the next day. The mayor should pair connections to the drug mafia entertain. Allegedly, local politicians, corrupt police and criminals operate in the region go hand in hand.

The 43 students were kidnapped on September 26 in Iguala by police and later presumably members of the criminal organization “Guerreros Unidos” was passed.

So far, more than 50 suspects were taken in the case, including 40 policemen. Four of those arrested gave to the end of October, at the “Abduction and the fate of this group involved” to have been, as the Attorney General’s Office announced. Thus, two members of the drug gang Guerreros Unidos were directly responsible for the abduction, the other two should have acted as guards for the cartel.

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