Mitt Romney at fundraiser: Waiters and waitresses aren’t having a good year under Obama

Mitt Romney : always had a thing for waitresses
Mitt Romney : always had a thing for waitresses

Mitt Romney is the protector and defender of waiters and waitresses as the Us presidential hopeful held up the waiters and waitresses serving donors at a fundraising. Romney says ‘these people aren’t doing well under President Obama’.

Washington / NationalTurk – ‘ It’s tough being middle class in America right now under Barack Obama ‘ Mitt Romney said, addressing some 300 contributors at a Jackson, Mississippi fundraiser for Us Presidential Elections who paid $2,500, $10,000 or even $50,000 to hear the US Predential hopeful speak.

Mitt Romney started to his speech with admitting that the people in the room were well-off compared to many Americans. It was the middle class that had been let down by current Us president Barack Obama, Mitt Romney claimed, and he exemplified his statement by pointing to the staff of waiters and waitresses serving foods and beverages.

‘ The waiters and waitresses that come in and out of this room and serve us refreshments, they’re not having a good year. The people of the middle class of America are not having a good year. They’re struggling and I think in a way because they’re surprised because when they voted for Barack Obama…he promised them that things were going to get a heck a lot of better. He promised hope and change and they’re still waiting.’

Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama : battle of Bain, Romney’s Boston based investment firm

As he did earlier at a fundraiser in Baton Rouge, La., Mitt Romney accused Barack Obama of funneling government money to his own donors, while neglecting those struggling in the United States of America.

After days of damaging attacks about his business record, presidential candidate Mitt Romney fired back at his rival on Monday, accusing President Barack Obama of crony capitalism that ‘stinks.’

The manner in which Mitt Romney acquired his fortune at the helm of Bain, the Boston-based investment firm he founded, has emerged as a major issue during this campaign as Barack Obama tries to paint him as out of touch with ordinary Americans before the November vote.

He lashed at Obama : ‘ This is a time when it’s good to be a friend of Obama campaign,’ Romney told the crowd at the River Hills Club in Jackson. ‘ Because you might be able to get some money for your business. But it’s not so good to be middle class in America.’

Mitt Romney on rich and poor, the Republican way

Mitt Romney denied the accusations that the Republican Party is majorly concerned abaout the welfare of the rich in America. He mentioned these claim is not true, as some have insinuated. ‘ We’re the party of people who want to get rich…We also want to make sure people don’t have to become poor. And we know what it takes to keep people from becoming poor.’

According to Us President candidate Mitt Romney the key to financial success is ‘ economic freedom.’ Romney regularly shows his objections that Barack Obama administration economic policies – which he describes as higher taxes and more regulations – are stifling innovation and entrepreneurship that are the engines of American economy and his and its party’s strenght for the upcoming US Presidential Elections.

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