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Jose Mourinho : Mesut Ozil is the perfect blend

Jose Mourinho praises German Turkish mixture Mesut Ozil
Jose Mourinho praises German Turkish mixture Mesut Ozil

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho praises star midfielder Mesut Ozil saying Turkish-German background has made Ozil the player that he currently is.

Mesut Ozil was born and raised in Gelsenkirchen, Germany to Turkish parents, and Jose Mourinho believes the playmaker has benefitted from learning to play football the German way, as well as having natural Turkish flair in his game. Mesut Ozil has joined the Spanish giants Real Madrid from Werder Bremen after a brilliant performance in the World Cup 2010 where a shined as the playmaker of the German National team.

“On one hand, Mesut Ozil has a very German mentality with regards to his discipline, his respect, his will to learn and the way in which he and the other players work together,” the ever controversial Mourinho expressed.

Jose Mourinho praises German Turkish mixture Mesut Ozil

“He has, however, from the Turkish part of his mentality, a bit of creativity, dynamism and technique.” After Jose Mourinho believes Mesut Ozil has what it takes to become one of the best footballers in the world, as long as he keeps improving his game, mental skills and sharpenes his lust for the game.

Mourinho : Mesut Ozil can be a floor general

“He’s incredibly talented. “Ozil is mentally up to par, he makes smart decisionson the field, and wants to deliver good performances. “Maybe we need to wait a little to see exactly how he develops and what direction he is taking.” Oh yeah and he can swear on the field in 3 different languages.

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