Naomi Campbell cries for Zenani

Naomi Campbell cries for ZenaniSupermodel Naomi Campbell was seen crying at the opening ceremony of the World Cup following the tragic death of Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter.

The 40-year-old model, was spotted in the VIP bathrooms at the Soccer City stadium by a passer by who attempted to console her following the news of 13-year-old Zenani Mandela’s death.

They said: “I saw Naomi in the toilets crying, when I asked her what was wrong, she said she was extremely upset because she said Zenani was her goddaughter.”

Zenani was killed in a car accident as she journeyed home from a pre-World Cup concert. Consequently, Mr. Mandela pulled out of the World Cup opening ceremony where he was due to appear as a guest speaker.

Yesterday the Nelson Mandela Foundation released a statement naming the driver and details of the fatal crash: “The car involved in the accident on the M1 was driven by Sizwe Mankazana, 23. He is the son of Zwelakhe Mankazana, the partner of Zenani Mandela-Dlamini.”

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  1. Josh jackson – Man, I love to see this Been a long time conmmig for you Ney, and not like you haven’t been, but now your officially FAMILY I know you done put up with my cousin for years (and vice versa in the name of fairness, lol) but best believe he’d gladly lay down his life for you . He love you that much . And that picture with him crying you a river as he eloquently articulates his vows, WILL be on my wall in a frame . BELIEVE IT . CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

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