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A Boeing and Airbus on a collision course: In Barcelona, ​​there should be almost come to a crash. At the last second, a Russian pilot pulled up his machine in order to avoid a catastrophe. So it seems, at least on an amateur video.

At the airport, El Prat in Barcelona a serious crash has been averted at the last second – so it seems, at least on an amateur video that is currently circulating on the Internet.

And so the incident is said to have played loud Spanish and Russian Media: A passenger plane of Aerolíneas Argentinas rolled straight toward the runway, as of right, a jet of the Russian airline Utair flew, the ansetzte to land.

The pilot of the Boeing 767-300 took off his machine up at the last moment and then obviously prevented a clash with the Airbus. He then flew the prescribed in such situations “go around” maneuver and landed shortly thereafter safely.

The Spanish amateur filmmaker Miguel Angel held the dramatic moment on video and posted the recording on YouTube, where it has been clicked more than one million copies. The near-crash had been “one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had,” he said, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

A spokesman for the Spanish airport authority Aena said none of the passengers of the two machines have suffered damage, also have not at any time the risk passed. It reported the newspaper “El Mundo” on Monday. Aena Time determined now in the case. The machines were more than a kilometer away from each other, said a spokesman

Aena “La Vanguardia”. The Russian machine would be able to land without further notice. Due to the perspective and the recording technique by telephoto lens deceive the impression that awaken the video.

“This was a serious incident, but there was no danger of a collision,” said a spokesman for the air traffic controllers union Aprocta, David Guillamón, the online edition of the newspaper “El País”: When the Boeing, the runway approached, the Airbus runway’ve practically leave in order to arrive at the assigned runway.

The Boeing flight number UT 5187 came from Moscow, the Airbus A340-300 Aerolineas Argentinas (AR1163) was on his way to Buenos Aires. The possible cause of the fast-collision nothing is known so far.

In Germany, on Monday made ​​a bird to problems in air transport: On the Stuttgart Airport with 274 passengers an occupied aircraft had to turn back and land shortly after takeoff. A bird had fallen in the right engine and have damaged it, said a spokesman for the airline Condor.

The pilot was returned to Stuttgart as prescribed and was able to land safely there. The passengers who were trying to fly in the Turkish Mediterranean city of Antalya with the Boeing 757, should be brought in the evening with a replacement machine to its destination.

Barcelona Airport El Prat Near Crash Video

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