New York Rubin Museum to exhibit Hindu deities

Art from Himalayas : Rubin Museum New York
Art from Himalayas : Rubin Museum New York

Prestigious and famed Rubin Museum of Art in New York is exhibiting various Hindu deities in its two exhibitions, beginning this week.

Christian Luczanits is curating the “Masterworks” exhibition , which will continue till December 31, 2012, is showing 13th century metal Shiva Parvati from Nepal and a 16th century gilt copper Bhairava.

Another “Gateway to Himalayan Art” exhibition of the New York Rubin Museum, curated by Karl Debreczeny and Elena Pakhoutova, displays 12th century copper alloy Vishnu, 17th century Ganesha and Siddha Lakshmi, 13th century gilt copper Indra, Shivalinga, etc. The exhibition will continue till January 2012 one next and it claims to lay greater emphasis on Hindu works from Kashmir and Nepal ranging from 12th to 19th centuries.

Hinduism in New York Applauded

Showing his appreciation for Rubin Museum New York for exhibiting Hinduism focused artifacts, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed stated that art had a long and rich tradition in Hinduism and ancient Sanskrit literature talked about religious paintings of deities on wood or cloth.

Rajan Zed the President of Universal Society of Hinduism, pressured major art museums of the world in a friendly way, including the likes of Musee du Louvre and Musee d’Orsay of Paris, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Los Angeles Getty Center, Uffizi Gallery of Florence (Italy), Art Institute of Chicago, Tate Modern of London, Prado Museum of Madrid, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, etc., to frequently organize Hindu art focused exhibitions, thus sharing the rich Hindu art heritage with the rest of the world.

Art from Himalayas : Rubin Museum New York

Rubin Museum of Art is home to a comprehensive collection of art from the Himalayas and surrounding regions. The famed museum has over 2,000 works of art including Himalayan paintings, sculpture, textiles, ritual objects, and prints, starting from second century, and draws over 190,000 visitors a year. Donald Rubin is the CEO and Jan Van Alphen is the Chief Curator of the Rubin Museum of Art New York.

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