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Pope Visit South America:Where the Pope Francis will visit the bomb found in Brazil / Breaking News


A homemade bomb was discovered hidden near a Brazilian shrine Pope Francis is scheduled to visit later this week, the military said Monday.

The Brazilian Air Force found the bomb, which they said was comparable to dynamite with a fuse, during a routine security sweep prior to the pope’s arrival. It was detonated without incident.

“It was a homemade device with little potential to cause fatalities,” the military said in a statement. “It is worth pointing out that such episodes formed part of our security forces’ training in Aparecida and at no point were civilians’ lives in danger.”

Police added that the bathroom is not located in an area likely to be used during Pope Francis’ visit.

Thousands of people lined the streets in Rio de Janeiro Monday, where Pope Francis arrived on the day to begin celebrations for World Youth Day. He will be in the mostly Catholic country from July 23-28.

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