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Rabobank headquarters building fire Holland caught on amateur camera

Video News – A fire that broke out at the new state of the art headquarters of a Dutch bank in Utrecht, Holland which was still in construction has caused major damage.

Video of Rabobank headquarters building fire in Utrecht Holland

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The fire was reported to have started on the 25th floor of one of the two towers in Utrecht, Holland on Saturday night which was to be the new headquarters for cooperative bank Rabobank.

Rabobank headquarters on fire in Utrecht Holland

According to eye witnesses the fire which started at the top floors of the building has caused an explosion on the 27th floor thought to be caused by gas canisters around 4am Sunday morning.

No injuries were reported by the fire in the 27 floor, 110 meter building which was eventually put out in the early hours of Sunday.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire, but investigators have said that there was no danger of any collapse.

According to one firefighter the fire had started in the elevator area where there were electricity cables.

The building was reported to have cost the Rabobank an estimated $250 million.

The fire was also caught on amateur camera where flames and thick black smoke is seen on the top of the oval shaped construction.

Up to eleven people have died in Senegal after the roof where football fans were watching a World Cup game collapsed.

The tragedy occurred in Northern Senegal in the town of Matam on Saturday during the Uruguay Vs. South Korea match where a large group of football fans gathered on the roof of a building to watch the match.

APS news agency quoted an emergency services official at the scene of the collapse as saying that at least two other people were injured.

A Senegalese radio also reported that the people had gathered at the roof of the home of a senior member of the national electricity company to watch the World Cup match.

Football is very much loved sport in the African nation, though Senegal were not eligible to reach the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, many soccer fans gather in homes where the owner can afford a TV set.

When Ghana had won the U.S.A on Saturday, the streets of the capital Dakar were filled with celebrating Senegalese football fans.

Senegal’s greatest triumph in the World Cup was when the African nation managed to reach the quarter finals in 2002.

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