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Renault is raising the prices for its electric car Zoe:

Buyers of the popular Stromer will be able to shell out more than eleven percent in the future. And there’s another catch.

For a long time, the Renault Zoe was the best-selling electric car in Germany – no wonder, alongside the Nissan Leaf, it was one of the first affordable electric vehicles to be mass-produced and also offered good value for money. Almost 25,000 new Zoe were registered last year. For comparison: The VW E-Up had around 31,000 new registrations, the Tesla Model 3 around 35,000.

The bad news came in March: the Zoe could not be ordered in Germany due to the lack of chips. Now Renault has opened the books again, but the Zoe will be eleven percent more expensive. For 36,840 euros before deducting the environmental bonus instead of the previous 33,140 euros, the electric car is now only available with the large 52 kWh battery. Speed ​​warning, automatic climate control and smartphone integration are now standard, previously they cost 600 euros extra. So the Zoe with the same battery performance is now arithmetically 3,100 euros more expensive.

The drive with 80 kW is standard, the version with 100 kW costs 1,000 euros more. The basic equipment includes, among other things, a navigation system, a lane departure warning system and a rear parking beeper, writes the specialist portal “Electrive”. There is also additional equipment for an extra charge, including a larger infotainment screen and parking beepers at the front.

Delivery only from 2023

The first Zoe after the order freeze should be delivered in early 2023, i.e. in six months. According to the current status, however, the state e-car subsidy will also expire at the end of 2022. It is not yet clear what will happen after that. The premium may be reduced and, as planned, not abolished until 2025. The bonus in its current form is only guaranteed for those who registered their car before December 31st. Zoe could then no longer belong.

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