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The winners cheer the Swiss referendum, an important neighbor is at a distance: Because the Confederates want to limit immigration, France provides a good relationship with the country in question. The vote criticized Paris as a “paradox”.

Switzerland intends to foreclose against immigrants, as it dictates the referendum on Sunday. After the first harsh reactions from abroad, the country is now increasingly isolated. The previously clearest criticism comes from France, the economically most important neighboring country. As “bad news” for Europe Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has classified the Swiss vote to limit immigration.

A sentence may have been registered in Bern with special tension: “We will continue our relations with Switzerland check,” said Fabius.
“This is a worrying vote, because it means that Switzerland will withdraw to themselves,” Fabius told the French radio station RTL. It should also be “paradoxical” because Switzerland unwound 60 percent of its foreign trade with the European Union. Switzerland is not in itself mean economic power.

Since 1999, EU agreements with Switzerland in particular on freedom of movement for workers and to many other questions. , There exists a clause called “guillotine”: So everything is void if part of the deal will be questioned. It will therefore have to be renegotiated, so Fabius. Work in neighboring Switzerland numerous Frenchmen, 104,000 French citizens living there.

Response to referendum:Clear words also from Luxembourg

Criticism also comes from Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister . Jean Asselborn called on the EU partner to take with Switzerland no rotten compromise. The European Union should not give in, and “are not defaced and watered down” the free movement of workers from the European Union , Asselborn said in SWR . Switzerland needs to know that the privileged access to the EU internal market without free movement of workers was not possible.

Sharply criticized Asselborn the Swiss People’s Party, which had initiated the referendum. The applause of European right-wing populists to Le Pen, Strache and Wilders show the society in which the party now located .

In a referendum held in Switzerland, 50.3 percent had voted in favor of the initiative “Against mass immigration ” . The referendum provides that the government must introduce annual quotas for immigration within three years . This asylum seekers should be included . The Switzerland must now renegotiate the force for more than ten years agreement with the EU on the free movement of persons .

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  1. well done SWITZERLAND,now all we need is for Cameroon to grow some cojones and tell Brussels we’ve also had enough of the illegal unelected troglodytes who sponge of the Great British public, WAKE up BRITANNIA the Swiss have breached the dyke.

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