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Ronaldinho leaves Paraguay prison for house arrest

A judge in Paraguay has granted house arrest to former Brazil and Barcelona football star Ronaldinho Gaucho and his brother Roberto Assis, who spent 32 days in prison over accusations they attempted to enter the country with fake passports.

“It is a substitute measure for Ronaldinho and his brother and the continuation of his arrest in a hotel. I have the assurance of the hotel managers that they, at their own expense, can observe house arrest there,” Judge Gustavo Amarilla told reporters via video call Tuesday.

The Brazilian football legend, who celebrated his 40th birthday behind bars, will remain in the country’s capital Asuncion while he waits for his trial to conclude.

The judge made the decision after the brothers reportedly paid $1.6 million in bail.

“It’s a significant bail in cash to guarantee they will not flee,” Amarilla said during the hearing.

Ronaldinho arrived in Paraguay on March 4 to take part in a number of promotional events and was greeted by around 2,000 children and teenagers at the international airport in Asuncion.

His lawyers said the local sponsor had given Paraguayan passports to the former FC Barcelona player and his brother who were unaware they were doing anything wrong by using them.


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