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Russia celebrates victory in World War II

Russia on Wednesday marked the 73rd anniversary of victory in what it calls the Great Patriotic War, the day in 1945 that Nazi Germany surrendered.

Festivities nationwide were highlighted by a military parade in Red Square with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

More than 13,000 servicemen from Russian air, naval and ground force, organized into 33 units, marched across Red Square.

Some 150 pieces of military hardware followed them, including Armata tanks, Terminator armored fighting vehicle, and Uran robot tanks.

In an aeronautic display, 75 planes and helicopters — including the Mig-31K equipped with hypersonic Kinzhal missiles — also took part in the parade.

Hailing Victory Day, Putin said the holiday has been celebrated for many decades so that the mistakes that led to war will not be repeated.

“We remember the tragedy of the two world wars, the history lessons, they do not let us be struck blind. Behind the new threats are the same old ugly features: selfishness and intolerance, aggressive nationalism, and claims to exclusivity.

“We understand the seriousness of these threats. It is important for all countries and all mankind to realize that the world is very fragile, and its stability strengthens our common aspiration to hear, trust, and respect each other,” he said.

Russia is open to dialogue about the issues of global security for peace on the planet, Putin said.

He thanked veterans for their service and promised to continue his work for the prosperity of Russia.

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