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Russia Supports Annan’s Mediation in Syrian Crisis

Russia backs the continuity of mediating efforts of the UN/Arab League special envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, said Russian presidential representative and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

Bogdanov noted that Russia has supported Annan’s six-point initiative from the start, including a ceasefire, the creation of an international ceasefire monitoring mission and an inclusive dialogue among Syrians.

He said it will be important to know the report to be presented by Annan before the UN Security Council because the international community will be able to know his view and not that of so-called Friends of Syria’s, whose meetings are not attended by Russia.

All Syrian issues should be solved exclusively through dialogue, on a broad political base and without foreign interference, he said, and noted that while the Syrian government complied with pulling out troops and armoured vehicles from the cities after the ceasefire was put into force on April 12, the armed opposition avoids compliance with Anna’s plan in every possible way.

Mikhail Bogdanov: Syria to demand from them an end to provocations

“We insist in calling all states with possibility to have an influence on the armed opposition in Syria to demand from them an end to provocations, and compliance with the ceasefire,” said Bogdanov.

He highlighted Russia’s backing of resolution 2043 of the Security Council under which the number of observers of the monitoring mission increased to 300 members for a three-month period.

“Russia hopes that in the said period, conditions leading to national political dialogue are created and situation stabilizes, always through the free choice of the Syrian people as to how the process is carried out,” stressed Bogdanov.

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