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Russian Prime Minister Describes US Economy “Parasite”

Russian Prime Minister Putin defined US economy as “parasite of the world” due to its dependence on debt.

Putin said that it only helps to delay the real issue talking about the cautions taken for US economy during his visit to political camp Seliger organized by pro government Youth branch.

“Huge debt more than 14 trillion dollar means that a state is living based on credit. This is really a bad situation for a leading economy. It lives beyond its means, taxing the global economy with its problems and living like a parasite off the global economy and the monopoly of the dollar,” he criticized.

“If over there (in America) there is a systemic malfunction, this will affect everyone, that is why we want problem to be overcome,” told Putin young Russians. Putin expects law proposal negotiated between parties on extra debt to be approved by the Senate.

During the camp Seliger organized in Tver region since 2005, young Russians are expected to improve themselves in different skills. Russsian prime minister examining the organization in details, wrist wrestled, tried to entwist a teflon fryer and briefly swung himself up the first half of a climbing wall.

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