Sampdoria Vs Werder Bremen 3-2: Germans make it to Champions League

Werder Bremen were literally saved by the skin and should have been eliminated from a game which Sampdoria dominated for the majority of the game.

Video Highlights Sampdoria Vs Werder Bremen Champions League

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However Bremen were fortunate enough to score a last minute goal and scored a second in extra time to overdo the Italians and write their name in the Champions League Group Stages.

After losing 3-1 against Werder Bremen just a week ago, Sampdoria showed their class in front of their home ground as they scored two goals in just the 13 minute which was enough for the Italians to go through to the Champions League Group Stages.

Sampdoria dominated the majority of the game and even scored a late goal on the 85th minute to make it 3-0 against the German’s who had just transferred inspirational playmaker Mesut Özil to Real Madrid.

Werder Bremen however stood firm and managed to score a goal on injury time to make the game go over to extra time.

By this time Sampdoria’s hard work throughout the game started to show as many of the players were tired while Werder Bremen’s players were running around much more.

Werder Bremen scored their second goal of the game on the 99th minute to go 3-2 down on the nigh but 5-4 on aggregate.

Werder Bremen will now await to see their opponents in the group stages of the Champions League while Sampdoria will be playing in the UEFA Europa League.

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