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Schweinsteiger pain of exiting the World Cup while Spain celebrate

Germany were eliminated from the World Cup on Wednesday after Spain triumphed from an unexpected Carles Puyol goal.

Video of Schweinsteiger interview while Spain celebrate.

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The stress of being eliminated can be devastating as we have seen throughout the World Cup in South Africa with players in tears for missing penalties for believing that they have let their country down.

Arguably the pain of being eliminated while you are one of the favorites will probably be worse especially in the Semi Finals when you’re litarlly an arm length away from picking the trophy in front of thousands of excited fans.

Now think of the pain that Bastian Schweinsteiger went through after being eliminated from the World Cup.

The Bayern Munich attacking midfielder and other German players were first comforted by the Spanish footballers which was a very sportsman like behavior, but he must have remembered the Euro 2008  final when Spain beat the German’s to win the cup with a 1-0 score.

The midfielder was in the middle of a TV interview inside the stadium talking of his disappointment before Spanish footballers were celebrating the win behind him.

The Spanish players including Puyol, Casilias, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas and many others were holding each other’s hips in a single line and running around like a train like way shouting right behind the German ace.

Oh the expression that was visible on the face of the Schweinsteiger, as they say an interview with a player £5,000 plus, seeing the expression of a losing player while the opposite side celebrates, “Priceless” (well ok not that much of a catch phrase).

Spain will now face Holland in the final on Sunday for the world’s most coveted sports prize.

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  1. omg look at Spain. They deserve respect? is that how they respect other nation? They don’t deserve to win this year’s world cup. Look at their attitude

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