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Sebastian Vettel attacked on the street

Moment of shock for the Aston Martin driver after the Grand Prix in Spain. The former world champion was robbed. Vettel even tried to find the perpetrators himself.

Sebastian Vettel was attacked after the Formula 1 race in Spain. The four-time world champion had a bag stolen in downtown Barcelona on Monday.

As a spokeswoman for the dpa news agency said on Monday when asked, Vettel himself is doing well. “El Periódico” in Spain had previously reported on the case.

Accordingly, Vettel was robbed in front of his hotel when he got out of his car. The 34-year-old then tried to locate the perpetrator or perpetrators by locating the headphones that had been stolen from him via his mobile phone. Vettel finished eleventh in the Aston Martin at the Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday.


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