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Severely injured in Alps Cave: Trapped in 1000 meters depth / Breaking News


In the Berchtesgaden Alps, a seriously injured man is stuck in 1000 meters deep in a cave. Helpers have started a complicated rescue operation, some 200 emergency personnel are in use.

Early on Sunday around 1:30 clock it suddenly came to a rockfall. At this time, a 52-year-old from the Stuttgart area with two companions in a cave in the Berchtesgaden Alps go. The man was seriously injured – and now sits firmly in approximately 1000 meters depth. This police said on Sunday evening.

The 52-year-old could no longer cope on their own ascension. A 38-year-old companion stayed with the injured man in the cave, the second rose after the accident about twelve hours and raised the alarm. According to him, the injured not only creates the rise, he’ll care of the remaining mates.

The trio was joined on Saturday at the Unterberg in approximately 1800 meters height in the giant Ding-vertical cave. To rescue the man’s a complicated rescue operation is now underway, should be involved in a total of 200 emergency services. A five-member rescue team went in the evening on the long road to the two men.

According to Mountain Rescue, the use is extremely difficult and can only be handled by experts in the field of cave rescue. “Since the team has to travel 1,000 meters, it will take about twelve hours until the rescue team arrives at the man,” said a police spokesman. With “feedback on the situation” was given the long travel time earlier than expected within 24 hours, the report said. The rescue could even take several days.

The gigantic duct system of the cave has a length of 19.2 kilometers and is 1148 meters deep. It is located six kilometers north of Berchtesgaden, directly on the border with Austria. The input shaft was discovered in 1995, but initially remained almost unnoticed. It was only from 2002 onwards, researchers began to explore the cave gradually. The exploration of the cave is cumbersome because of the response curve is repeatedly interrupted by ravines.

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