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President Vladimir Putin speaks about Crimea

It was the expected to the nation in Brandre to Vladimir Putin after the attacks Karim. Creamy head of his hard course of justifying – and attacked the West. At the end of the show Wieser in Moscow Russia the moment with the unification of the peninsula.

Vladimir Putin does not give up in the conflict over the Crimea. On the contrary: The Russian President has created facts. In a speech to the nation he named the peninsula an “inseparable” part of Russia – and finally ordered the association of the Republic of Crimea and the local port city Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. Shortly after the contract was signed.

Putin delivered before the deputies of both chambers of the Russian parliament in the Kremlin a 40-minute speech full of pathos. He repeatedly used phrases such as ” holy Crimea” , talked about “heroes” and ” treason” . Especially for these passages , the President earned applause in the hall.
For minutes Putin gave explanations on the history of the Crimea from that had a ” vital importance ” for Russia. The transfer to the Crimea by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev Kremlin in 1954 was a historic mistake , the President stressed .

The former decision had been taken ” in the corridors ” , but not even in accordance with the Soviet Constitution was . The people in the Crimea were only confronted with the fact . Because of this fact , a frequently cited argument in Moscow for the military intervention in the Crimea results : the Russian-speaking population protect against extremists.

In between, the President went over against , so his words , ” Western partners such as the United States ” to attack. ” They follow only the law of the jungle . Believe that only they are always right . ” Whether in the Balkans , Iraq , Afghanistan and Libya – always the West have said Putin , behave ” as it suits him just ” . With reference to Kosovo and the Western criticism of the Crimean referendum , he said: “These are no more double standards , that’s cynicism. ”

Russian Crimea Invasion:Putin calls referendum “convincing”!

Putin called the Crimean referendum on whether to join “convincing”. It is democratic and in accordance with international law expired. In the vote on Sunday, 97 percent of participants had opted for annexation of the peninsula to Russia, according to the Crimean authorities.

In his speech he stressed at the same time the close relations between Russia and the Ukrainian “brother people”. These are significant and would remain so. The new leadership in Kiev, he accused but to have come with a coup to power. Those who were responsible were “nationalists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and enemies of Russia.”

Russian Crimea Invasion:New sanctions also from Japan

On Tuesday morning, Putin had already agreed a contract for the inclusion of members of the Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula principle. The night before, he had recognized the peninsula as an independent state, regardless of the sanctions imposed by the West.

The U.S., the EU and Ukraine see this as a blatant violation of international law. They condemned the annexation of the Ukrainian territory by Russia. Japan, the EU and the U.S. decided punitive measures against some high-ranking representatives of Russia and Ukraine. Of the EU sanctions – travel bans and account lockouts – affected 21 Russians and Ukrainians. Washington blocked the U.S. assets of seven high-ranking Russian government officials and parliamentarians, including Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

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