Spider on Queen’s coffin causes a stir

At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, an uninvited guest can be found alongside heads of state and nobles. / Spider on Queen's coffin

This gets the internet excited. / Spider on Queen’s coffin

The official state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will take place on Monday. The funeral has been going on since 12 noon German time, the funeral service has just ended and the procession with the coffin has begun.

In addition to dozens of high-ranking heads of state, politicians and nobles, there was another visitor who was at least not officially invited: a spider. This hid in the wreath of flowers that was on the royal coffin.

A little later she crawled over the grave card that was stuck in the flowers and excited the network with it.

On the short message service Twitter there were numerous voices about the unexpected funeral attendant, who was able to conjure up at least a small smile on the face of many a viewer on this sad day.

So some joke that the spider is now part of the royal family. For others it is clear: “This is the most famous spider in the world!” At least one thing is certain: no other creature came as close as the spider to Queen Elizabeth II on her last journey.

After the service, the coffin is taken from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. From there, Queen Elizabeth II makes her final journey to Windsor Castle, where she will finally be buried in her royal coffin.

The Queen’s coffin arrived in Edinburgh
Queen Elizabeth dies at 96… All news here

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