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Strong storms have also reached the Italian region Lazio, Puglia and Calabria to Sardinia. Civil protection chief Franco Gabrielli has to face accusations of failing to timely inform the population about the approaching cyclone.

After the heavy flooding from the storm “Cleopatra” in Sardinia storms have caused at night in other parts of Italy to flooding. Particularly affected were the Lazio, Puglia and Calabria. Roads were flooded, trees fell around.

Alone in the capital of the southern Italian region of Calabria, Catanzaro, the damages are, according to initial estimates by the municipality at around ten million euros. In Venice, the news agency Ansa has registered the fifth year of the flood, according to. In St. Mark’s Square on Tuesday evening, the water was about 45 inches high, for pedestrian bridges were built.

In Sardinia, about 2,300 people spent the night in emergency shelters , with relatives or friends . Torrential rains had torn on the island at least 16 people dead , among them children. Ten of the victims to be buried today. Still is a farmer from the village Onanì missing.

Italy Storm

Prime Minister Enrico Letta had visited the city most affected Olbia in the north of the island on Tuesday evening. “The state does what he can ,” he said. The government provided 20 million euros in emergency aid ready . These are only a first step to get out of the acute emergency situation , Letta said.

After the storm criticism was that the authorities had not warned the inhabitants of the affected areas in Sardinia soon enough. Civil protection chief Franco Gabrielli dismissed the allegations – and gave them further: “The Civil Defense has issued a severe weather warning twelve hours before the rain and they passed on to the prefectures and the region , which in turn should enable local authorities on alert ,” he told the station Gr1 .

“Ask these agencies, what they have done ,” said Gabrielli on. Some regions are not yet equipped with the necessary intervention plans : ” The predictions are important, but if there are no plans , everything is in vain. ”

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