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Süleyman Soylu: We do not accept the condolences of the USA

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made a last-minute statement after the bomb attack on Istiklal Street in Istanbul yesterday, in which six people died.

Soylu said, “We do not accept the condolences of the United States, we reject it.” Istanbul Police Department announced that the terrorist carried out the action on the orders of the PKK.

Süleyman Soylu announced the latest developments regarding the explosion on Taksim Istiklal Street yesterday, live. Saying “We will respond strongly,” Süleyman Soylu said:

“Our alliance with the USA is controversial”

– We have received the message given to us, and we know what the message is. We do not accept the condolence message of the American Embassy, ​​we reject it. Of course, our alliance with a state that sends money from its own senates to this understanding that feeds Kobani terror zones and tries to disturb Turkey‘s peace from there should of course be discussed.

We are nobody’s enemy, we have no eyes on anybody’s land. We do not betray anyone, we have no power to endure treachery.

– Terrorists were caught in a successful operation. Operations continue. If we hadn’t caught them, they would have smuggled it to Greece today. We are faced with a terrorist structure that we know how and how it is coordinated and from where.

– Whoever feeds the PYD there and provides internal intelligence to the PKK is the perpetrator. There’s no point in discussing pawns too much. There are too many pawns in the world. The greatest trait of this nation is to break the heads of the pawns. We will send a very strong and powerful message to this message we receive.

– In the technical listening after the incident, the instruction of the terrorist organization is for the killing of the terrorist. It is obvious that they have a plan to kill the terrorist and prevent us from unraveling the entire network, solving the aftermath of the incident.

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