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Susan Falls found not guilty of murdering husband on A Current Affair

A woman in Australia who was found “not guilty” of both murder and manslaughter after she killed her abusive husband has spoken out for the first time since the verdict.

Susan Falls who appeared at the "A Current Affair" program speaks of her ordeal after killing her abusive husband

Susan Falls who was found “not guilty“ for both murder and manslaughter charges by a Brisbane court which took just 90 minutes had first drugged then shot her husband in the head.

The 42-year-old woman who testified in the court had said that over she was abused for over 20 years by her husband Rodney.

Ms Falls was found not guilty by the court because they had believed he had been violent and abusive towards her.

The abused woman had admitted in court that she had drugged her ex-husbands favorite meal of Curry prawns with a bottle of sleeping pills which she had crushed into it.

The mother of four then went on to shoot her husband in front of two of her daughters.

Falls, also admitted that she had given money to one of her daughters, 16, to purchase a gun which she did for $5,000 with a silencer.

Falls who spoke on the Australian program “A Current Affair” said “When I saw that he’d dozed off, and to me what seemed he was asleep, I went and got changed,”

“I didn’t know how much mess there’d be. I thought once I shot him I will be splattered in blood. I got the gun and the bullets and I remember looking at the two (daughters) and looking at the bullets and thinking, how can something so tiny kill somebody?

“It just didn’t seem real holding them in my hand. I had my arms outstretched the gun was heavy because it had a silencer on it.

“I was shaking so much, so I needed two hands and I just lined it up and fired. I ran behind the cupboards and I crouched down and I pulled the cartridge out of the gun because I was scared that he was going to get up, and if these bullets were still in the gun he’d shoot me.

” The girls were there. I asked them if they still loved me and they said that they did, and then I heard, it was like a tap dripping. And I peered past the cupboard and I could see this blood just coming out of his head.”

Mr and Mrs Falls - Photo by The Sunshine Coast Daily

Ms Falls who saw that her husband was still alive then went on to plan with her daughters what they should do next, before shooting Mr Rodney in the head for the second time.

“A full bottle of sleeping tablets and two gunshots, he was like the Terminator,”

“So, then I went to the laundry and I got a doona because I had nothing else and I thought I’ve got to suffocate him now. But I didn’t want to touch him because I’m still thinking he’s going to get up. I kind of dropped it on him; just as that doona had dropped over his face he took his last breath.”

She also said that after he finally had stopped breathing that she cried due to her ordeal.

“I did cry” said Ms Falls “I can’t say that I cried because I missed him because, he forced me, he pushed me, he gave me no choice.

“When I went to fire that second shot, he had a dry tear stain down his face. I momentarily felt sorry for him, that he had suffered. I thought, well he didn’t feel sorry for me. This was the first and only time that I really hurt him.”

Ms Falls had said in court that the last straw for her was when her husband had threatened to kill one of their children.

She said on the “A Current Affair” program that he had put a piece of paper which included the names of relatives, and according to which name she picked out of the list, her husband will kill that person.

“That’s when he grabbed me by the back of the head and he pushed my head down on the table and said, ‘Pick one’,” Ms Falls said on the show.

“I had no choice, so I picked one. Then I had to open it up and read the name.” she continued while tears poured down her cheeks.

The 4-year-old mother of four also said that he got very abusive over small things such as their three year old child crying or if his food was not prepared to his standards.

Ms Falls said “Later I would ask him ‘why do you keep hurting me? he said I black out and I don’t know half the stuff I do’.

Ms Falls let her husband’s body stay in the room as she had not planned what she would do with the body. She then hired three men, Anthony James Hoare, Christopher Anthony C Creed and Bradley James Coupe to dump the body in a forest.

All three men were acquitted from their crimes but Anthony C Creed, the man who sold the gun to the daughter of Ms Falls, served a community service order for supplying a firearm illegally.

Was the court write to find Ms Falls not guilty, write your comments and thoughts below.

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  1. I hope you and your daughters can now be free of the physical torment, but am not that misguided to say you are now free because the mental and emotional abuse will continue until you are all ready to push past it. Many people, both men and women have been in a similar situation including me and many take different approaches to escaping, i just hope for you and your family people dont judge you for your actions as you will punish yourself enough for your crime and until they have walked in your shoes, they will never understand what you did endure. God bless you all

  2. It is quite obvious by the photo of Mr. and Mrs. Falls, (which was taken yrs earlier) that this is not a happy couple. She evidently has the countenance of an abused, depressed and oppressed person. I have walked in her shoes for abt 5 yrs of my life, but would NEVER have resorted to taking another person’s life. I finally prayed for the strength, guidance and help I needed to leave that unhappy place. Shortly, a good person came into my life and helped me leave quietly and safely, for good. My abuser has never found me and I have never looked back.
    Blessings to all.

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