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Syria Civil War:MI6 warned that the capture of chemical weapons in the hands of al-Qaeda / UK News


British foreign intelligence service MI6 Syrian rebels captures the possibility of  in the al-Qaeda said  chemical weapons, it would have ‘catastrophic consequences,’ MI6 has warned.

The head of UK intelligence agency MI6, Sir John Sawers, has voiced his serious concern over the escalating conflict in Syria. His words accompanied the release of an annual report by the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, charged with overseeing the work of British intelligence agencies.

“There has to be a significant risk that some of the country’s chemical weapons stockpile could fall into the hands of those with links to terrorism, in Syria or elsewhere in the region. If this happens, the consequences could be catastrophic,” said the committee.

Moreover, the parliamentary committee said Syrian President Bashar Assad has “vast stockpiles” of chemical arms, including sarin, ricin, mustard gas and VX – branded as “the deadliest nerve agent ever created.”

Echoing the statements of the British Prime Minister, who said last month there was evidence Al-Qaeda-linked rebels tried to acquire chemical weapons, the report classified extremist elements in Syria as “the most worrying emerging terrorist threat” to the UK and its allies.”

Syrian rebel Fighters of the jihadist group Al-Nusra Front
Syrian rebel Fighters of the jihadist group Al-Nusra Front

It noted the movement of “radicalized individuals” from the UK and other countries in the EU towards the conflict zone.

“They are likely to acquire expertise and experience which could significantly increase the threat posed when they return home.”

The UK has also alleged that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own population, something that the international community has been unable to agree on. France, UK and the US all claim to have found evidence of regime forces using chemical weapons, but Russia and China say they are unsubstantiated.

As yet the UN commission inquiry currently examining the situation in Syria has not found concrete evidence of any chemical weapons being used in the conflict.

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