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Syria : Crimes against Humanity charged by UN, denied by Syria

A Syrian girl takes part in a protest against the President Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus on last Sunday.
A Syrian girl takes part in a protest against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in a suburb of Damascus on Sunday.

Syria rejects all charges of crimes against humanity by United Nations, as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are accused by observers of launching one of their most brutal assaults on Homs, the epicentre of Syrian protests.

Damascus / NationalTurk – The Syrian Bashar al Assad government rejected claims of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights of Crimes against humanity in the troubled Middle East country. The Syrian Government’s ‘wrath’ on 11 months of pro-democracy protests has been centred on Homs, which has been under a relentless barrage of machinegun fire, shells, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades from Syrian Army for 10 days.

Meanwhile USA and Britain support more sanctions against Syria and Al-Assad regime.

Syria denies Crimes against Humanity Charges, UN applies pressure

In an official statement, Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry accused that UN lacks neutrality and objectivity on that sensitive issue.

The Syrian Foreign ministry’s note also pointed out that the UN High Commissioner in the country has become a tool in the hands of countries targeting Syria and ignoring the terrorist crimes committed by armed groups.

The Syrian ministry censured that the UN mechanism has rejected the Syrian government’s attempts of providing info on the real situation in Syria.

Instead of listening to those truth and despite of having “obvious evidence” which contradicted their allegations, that UN office preferred to keep its stance, said the official text.

Syria accuses UN and Arab League of hysteria after more sanctions are on the way

The Syrian response in this last statement verifies its official position of accusing foreign forces of supporting local opposition in the current attacks against the government. On the other side, Syria’s ambassador to the Arab League, Ahmed Youssef, was quoted as stating that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were “living in a state of hysteria after their last failure at the UN Security Council to call for outside interference in Syria’s affairs and to impose sanctions on the Syrian people.”

Damascus and international progressive sectors hold that the foreign support is aimed at discrediting the Syrian government and is paving the way towards a possible intervention of the Western countries.

The next proposed solution would have the UN send in a peacekeeping force to supervise after a ceasefire. With the Security Council divided, however, it seems unlikely that the UN will act.

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