No winners in Suarez Evra travesty

Luis Suarez Racism Row turns into Disgrace at Old Trafford
Luis Suarez Racism Row turns into Disgrace at Old Trafford

Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra are two actors in the racism saga, which claims no winners.

London / NationalTurk – Debate surrounding the racial abuser Luis Suarez and racial abuse victim the uncharitible Patrice Evra gains new dimensions.

The Suarez – Evra saga has been so horribly handled by most people involved, last Saturday’s events at Old Trafford left no-one in a good light, especially Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez Racism Row turns into Disgrace at Old Trafford

The pressing issue of the weekend is of course the events unravelling at Old Trafford on Saturday. Although apologies have since been issued, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish’s interview after the game was just bizarre. There was little left do after he had apologised, though. Dalglish was obviously very angry and frustrated with the result. However He clearly handled the whole situation very badly and was visibly riled by the questions, but Luis Suarez was undoubtedly out of order. He not only misled Liverpool commonity in claiming that he would shake hands with Patrice Evra, and in a game of such magnitude which is basically on the verge of hatred, it will always cause problems when you turn down an offered hand with that attitude where every single facial expression and gesture of Suarez belied his coolness. His actions during the hand shake ceremony made him more guiltier than ever.

Patrice Evra on the other hand didn’t exactly cover himself in glory at the end of the game either, which can’t be overlooked but can be symphatized with. The celebrations were uncalled for and obviously exaggerative and you can’t condone it at all. It’s certainly understandable as emotions do sometimes take over, but Patrice Evra was clearly in the wrong there. Sir Alex Ferguson rightfully came out and blatantly admonished his captain for his actions, which is commendable. By doing that he put the issue to bed, and that is exactly what Kenny Dalglish should have done. It could even be said that Alex Ferguson, if roles were reversed, would be willing to sell Luis Suarez due to his actions, first the racial abuse, than the handshake ruckus. Sir Alex Ferguson has had to deal with the likes of Eric Cantona and Roy Keane throughout his career, although Luis Suarez seems to be lacking some certain human values and so Ferguson would know how to deal with the problem. However, Suarez is clearly a vitally important player for a struggling Liverpool at the moment.

It makes one think, what if Suarez haven’t abused Evra racially and would his behaviour at Old Trafford last Saturday have made Patrice Evra the righteous one?

Luis Suarez Patrice Evra Saga is terribly handled by Liverpool

Liverpool, from management to fans, from executives to players, have certainly handled the situation very badly. They’ve supported Luiz Suarez throughout the racial abuse story and for Luiz Suarez to turn around and kick them in the teeth is really poor. Liverpool have backed him all the way, even after the guilty verdict was passed, so it’s difficult to take what he has done at Old Trafford.

Luis Suarez has dealt with the issue terrible, one could think he was enjoying to be in the middle of all things. He had been charged guilty for what he said to Evra in October, which he has indeed admitted. Refusing to shake Evra’s offered hand merely added fuel to the fire in the end, and it was a woefully ignorant and even childish action from the Uruguayan National. Despite the striker’s apology, it’s difficult to see whether Manchester United or Liverpool will be able to move on. One of the greatest rivalries in English Football and Premier League is now a tainted one. The next game between Man. U and Liverpool will be just as spicy.

John Steele for NationalTurk / London

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