These are the best standing abdominal exercises

If you want a six-pack, you have to rely on sit-ups? Not always. / The best standing abdominal exercises

You can do these simple exercises without floor training. The best standing abdominal exercises

Not only in summer do many people wish for a flat, toned stomach – ideally even with visible muscles. Many exercises such as sit-ups are known. But did you know that you can easily train your abs while standing? You can do that with these five exercises.

The best standing abdominal exercises / 1. Side bends for a nice hip and stomach area

This exercise is especially good if you want to tone your hips. It is important that you do the exercise as slowly as possible so that the training is as effective as possible.

To do this, stand hip-width apart and let your left arm pull down while bending your upper body to the left. Your left hand should drop to knee level and then come back up.

The neck and spine should be straight. The gaze is forward and not down. You can repeat the exercise twelve times, then switch sides and pull your right arm down.

To reinforce the exercise, you can add dumbbells. The dumbbell in the hand that is going down should then reach knee height.

2. Squats don’t just strengthen your legs

The classic squat is also an exercise that not only trains the buttocks and thighs, but also the abdomen. You should return to a hip-width starting position and then move your buttocks back and down as if you are about to sit down. Hold this position for about ten seconds and then return to the starting position.

You can also reinforce this exercise by adding dumbbells and/or increasing the repetition rate and hold time.

3. ABC exercise with or without aids

Don’t worry, the ABC exercise has nothing to do with dangerous chemicals. All you have to do is know the alphabet. Stand in a shoulder-width position and stretch your arms out straight in front of you. Now start writing the alphabet in the air at chest level.

This exercise works best if you hold a moderately heavy or lighter medicine ball in your hands and use it as a “pen”. As your arms move in all directions, your upper body must remain still. This also trains the abdominal muscles.

The best standing abdominal exercises: 4. Standing crunches – no less effective

Many only know crunches as a floor exercise. When standing, however, they are no less muscle-enhancing. To do this, position yourself shoulder-width apart and first lift one leg outstretched forward.

At the same time, bring the opposite arm to the tips of your toes and touch them with your fingers. Start with 10 repetitions, then switch legs.

Another variant would be the following: First pull your right knee up and bring your right elbow (or left elbow, for a cross exercise) towards your knee. Repeat this exercise ten times and then switch sides.

5. Sumo squats with or without dumbbells

For this exercise, you must first squat wide so that your knees are at a 90-degree angle and do not extend beyond your feet. Then put your hands on your head like you’re about to do sit-ups. Then alternately bend your torso towards your knees.

The spine and neck should remain straight, the gaze is directed ahead. If you want to make the exercise even more difficult, you can add dumbbells and/or put your feet on tiptoe.

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