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“The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug “:Back to the large magic to Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Video Trailer / Entertainment News


A furious dragon, a fictional elven woman, even a little social criticism: In the second part of his “Hobbit” trilogy director Peter Jackson is doing everything right by more than previously removed from the Tolkien only. “The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug” is bold, action-packed, visually brilliant fantasy cinema.

The premise of Peter Jackson’s project, a book of just 300 pages in good nine hours to transform film is, and remains foolhardy. One can see that as money Tailoring and megalomania or as a masterpiece of passion – a bit of madness lurks in both variants.

There is no question Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is brilliant: the reinvention of fantasy and adventure movies with the technical means of the 21 Century. The first film of the “Hobbit” threesome but had too many singing dwarfs, too many lengths and noticeably too little action for a three-hour epic. A billion dollars played “An Unexpected Journey” still a – marvel of marketing. Or simply the evidence that there is a sustainable need of the mass audience to escape into the world of dwarves, elves, orcs and hobbits. Either way, the success is Jackson right to continue the franchise, but not a license to get bored.

Fortunately, in the second part some is different and much better. With “The Desolation of Smaug “, which starts this week worldwide, Jackson and his team walk to the old “Lord of the Rings” in shape. And that’s not just a soothing stringency of action and much more impressive action, including a stunning river cruise in vats of attacking orcs – but especially to the born of necessity of the lack of material changes and additions to the Tolkien template.

Der Hobbit â Smaugs Einöde

This refers especially the elf Tauriel (played by “Lost ” star Evangeline Lilly) , which appears in none of the templates Tolkien . Even for the first ” Hobbit ” movie Jackson had all available annotations and fragments looted from the estate of British fantasy writer to complement figures, scenes and events.

Also in ” The Desolation of Smaug Smaug ” there are such tricks : Since immersed in the same city in Wunderwald Mirkwood suddenly the elf Legolas (Orlando Bloom) , known from the ” Lord of the Rings ” trilogy , again, of the one in ” The Hobbit ” no talk is . And just who is in love said , very attractive Archer Tauriel , in turn, the dwarf Kili ( Aidan Turner) makes beautiful eyes. Scandal: love and eroticism , something found in Tolkien, if at all, only on platonischster level (or between hobbit pals ) instead . But to be honest : It sometimes does the strictly -smelling dwarf sweat plot very , very good, if from time to time also shows up a sizable female figure who even competent and shrewd denies a part of the action scenes .

“The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug “:Fascinatingly grim atmosphere

Der Hobbit â Smaugs Einöde

The story is told, of course, the continued journey of the 13 dwarfs to the former Kingdom of the Dwarves Erebor, which was known to be occupied by the jewel horny dragon Smaug. The devastation left behind by the fire-breathing monster in the mountain fortress and the city lying in front Dale, called “Smaug wasteland”. Thither penetrate the dwarves led by the wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and accompanied by the hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) ever before, however, the king Thranduil must first fight their way through an enchanted forest full of aggressive spiders and free themselves from the captivity of the wood elves, (maliciously: Lee Pace) has no interest in the dwarven Prince Thorin (Richard Armitage) to help in recapturing his kingdom. And of course, constantly rushing forth the minions of the white monster orcs Azog behind the troops and try to accomplish what failed in the first part: to kill the dwarves.

The result is a fascinating gloomy atmosphere of constant threat that Jackson also lined with the fact that he sends Gandalf parallel to scouting the ominous Necromancers, the Orc troops rallying around: Some ultimate evil takes possession of Middle-earth again. Bilbo again, the first part still cheerfully clumsy Hobbit has more and more to fight the dark influence of the ring that he took Gollum. References and tracks will be sent here to set chronologically later playing “Rings” trilogy.

In quieter held midsection decides to move the tour group in the rundown city water Laketown, a hybrid of Dickens’ London and Venice, which is ruled by a decadent despots (Stephen Fry), who holds the city in abject poverty. The resistance fighters Bard (Luke Evans) granted the Dwarves shelter. The whole scene, which does not come from Tolkien, throws an entirely socially critical eye on the complex social structure of Middle Earth: At the top of the aristocratic, immortal elves with their isolation attitude, below the erzkapitalistischen dwarfs with their longing for the old, secured by gold and wealth size, between the human kingdoms, pre-industrial and prädemokratisch, but increasingly dissatisfied with the feudal rulers. And, clearly, the eco-conscious hippie Hobbits of the Shire there’s also.

Der Hobbit â Smaugs Einöde

In the final meets hobbit Bilbo , which is to recover a magical gem from the sea of gold and jewels inside the mountain stronghold of the dwarves on the Uncle Scrooge slumbering in the money storage dragon Smaug – a furious , aggressive , brilliant animated movie monster. They spoke of Smaug Benedict Cumberbatch , the Holmes to Martin Freeman’s Watson in the BBC series “Sherlock ,” a strange , amusing encounter . As much as you but the distinguished voice of listening Cumberbatch : Smaug demonstrations of power and self-adulation are wordy monologues that unnecessarily drag the sequence in the length . And the hot gold flows , which Smaug is ultimately to be tamed , more reminiscent of Disney’s animated classics to cutting-edge animation films .

But that’s nagging at very high levels . The abrupt cliffhanger of the vast number of fascinating film , like its predecessor with an impressively clear , but this time not so great discriminatory rotated 48 – frame technique in 3D releases , one in happy anticipation of the trilogy – end , which will begin in late 2014. This is more, much more than could be expected from the rather painstaking first part. Peter Jackson, I’ll give him the magic of Middle Earth has reignited .

Watch “The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug ” Video

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