The Young Turks (TYT) and the success of Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur is the charismatic host of America’s longest running online political talk show The Young Turks or the TYT which features political, entertainment and general news from mainly America but also occasionally weird or interesting stories from other parts of the world.

young-turks-cenk-uygurThe show has become so successful that the TYT received it’s first sponsorship deal with with Netflix, an online film rental company founded in 2007 and with over 14 million subscribers. The online show has also got deals with (website development platform), (web hosting company) and (online video game rental).

The Young Turks is a show that gets around 13 millions views a month and is a popular chat show on YouTube which is one of the reason behind it getting the Political Podcast 2009 at the Podcast Awards and Best Political News Site 2009 at the Mashable Awards.

Uygur said on a website interview “We are a rare online show that is profitable and expanding. We’ve hired three people in the last five months. The growth and the sponsors were organic. We didn’t come in with a lot of money or a big sponsor. We created the show, found the audience, then got the sponsors.”

The Young Turks initially started in 2002 as a liberal talkshow on the Sirius Satellite Radio service. Uygur, the host of the TYT turned down a six figure radio deal so he can concentrate on The Young Turks which became the first daily streaming online talk show. The show was so popular that it got to 30,000 viewers in just a month.

The popularity of the show is particularly surprising as it has no advertisement budget and relies on members and subscribers to promote the show.

The show even attracts a wide range of guests as the popularity of the show constantly rises.

Uygur has also got plans of expanding the TYT. In an interview with the Guardian Newspaper Uygur said that he has launched a sister network on YouTube called “What the Flick” and is planning to build more networks online such as TYT sports, TYT Moms, TYT food in which Uygur said “Whatever matches our brand, and our brand is just: genuine, real and generally progressive.”

Bellow is a small clip of the type of news that you may see on The Young Turks (TYT)

Eel prank on man, man dies as Eel is put into man’s rectum by friends.

[media id=242 width=610 height=340]

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  1. This is just so typical of what is shown on the “Young Turks” show. I was not a Republican or a Democrat prior to watching some of the archived “Young Turks” episodes.

    Bottom line… (as my grandma told me — and she lived through the slaughter of over 1.5 million Armenian CHRISTIANS back in 1915) Muslims cannot be trusted and, therefore — judging these folks, their names, name that they decided to title their show, their love of Barry Sotero (Son of infamous Kenyan drunkard —> “Barack HUSSEIN Obummer”) .. They have convinced me to become a Conservative Republican.

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