Three protesters reportedly killed in bank fire in Greece

Fire officials in Greece have said on Wednesday that three people have been killed in a fire which broke out in a bank in Athens during riots over the governments planned spending cuts.

Video violence in Greece, Athens over government cost cuts.

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Protesters were reported to have hurled Molotov cocktails at police officers and buildings while reports are coming in that at least two buildings were set alight.

Riots in Athens, Kills three demonstrators
Riots in Athens, Kills three demonstrators

The riots were expected as 100,000 strong protesters were on the streets on Wednesday for a nationwide strike which has literally crippled the country over the governments austerity measures.

Millions of people in the country have been effected by the strike carried out by air traffic controllers which has grounded all flight too and from the country, doctors, the ambulance service, The Federation of Civil Aviation, engineers, journalists, Railway workers, public transport workers and many more sectors.

The proposed cuts by the Greek government is a condition for the loan the country will receive from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund and is trying to cut 30 billion euros ($38 Billion) from their spending money.

Some union leaders have even said “The cuts are savage attacks on workers rights”.

This is the third riot in Greece in as many months and it is predicted that the mood in the country could get much worse if something is not done.

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