Trump and Biden fight hard to the last

The long election campaign in America ends with sharp words. Trump renews his attacks on postal voting with a grim warning.

Biden relies on the support of pop stars. Surveys predict a head-to-head race in the decisive “swing states”.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for unity on the last legs of the election campaign. “We can get the best out of ourselves when we are the United States of America,” said Biden on Monday in Pittsburgh in the embattled state of Pennsylvania during one of his last campaign appearances. The United States is at an “incredible moment” in history: on the one hand, the country’s identity is facing the greatest threat, and on the other, the future has never been as promising as it is today.

“Tomorrow is the dawn of a new day,” Biden called to his supporters, who came to the election campaign event again like in a drive-in cinema because of the corona risk. “Tomorrow we can end a presidency that has divided our nation and kindled the flame of hatred.” Before Biden’s performance, Lady Gaga played several songs and called for votes for him.

Pennsylvania is one of the particularly competitive states in the election. Polls see Democrat Joe Biden in the lead, but only very close ahead of President Donald Trump, who won the state in 2016. In the important state of Florida, challenger Biden is also 50 percent and the Republican incumbent Donald Trump 46 percent according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll published on Monday. A week ago, the two candidates were effectively tied. According to experts, Florida is one of the states where the election could be decided tomorrow.

Trump continues to fuel sentiment against postal voting

However, tens of millions of Americans voted early by letter or at a polling station. Democrat and former American Vice President Biden hopes to end Donald Trump’s presidency after just one term and move into the White House.

Trump has meanwhile warned of violent riots. The decision of the Supreme Court to allow the counting of certain postal ballot papers in the state of Pennsylvania for days after the election was described by the president as “very dangerous”. This will lead to “unbridled and uncontrolled fraud,” Trump claimed on Monday evening on Twitter. “It will lead to violence in the streets. Something has to be done, ”he continued. Twitter immediately hid the message behind a warning and restricted the possibility of spreading the tweet.

Because of the corona pandemic, many more people voted by postal vote. The counting of these votes is more complicated than that of the regular votes from the polling stations. The authorities in Pennsylvania have therefore warned that the count could drag on until Friday. Trump has signaled that he could defend himself against delay in court. Polls before the election suggested that the votes cast in the polling stations would tend to be in favor of Trump and postal votes in favor of Biden.

Beyoncé promotes Biden

Meanwhile, world star Beyoncé has clearly signaled to her 155 million fans on Instagram the day before the American elections which candidate she supports. The R&B singer showed up in a post on Monday with a face mask as corona protection labeled Biden / Harris. In her commercial for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his runner-up, Kamala Harris, Beyoncé wears a slouch hat with an “I voted” badge.

The native Texan called for voting, and she specifically addressed the people in her home state. “Can do it Texas,” Beyoncé wrote. The populous state has gone to Republicans for decades. Donald Trump was well ahead of the Democrat Hillary Clinton there in 2016. But surveys now predict a much closer race.


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