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Women arrested at abortion protest in Ankara, Turkey

Turkey is in abortion crisis, agenda successsfully changed ?
Turkey is in abortion crisis, agenda successsfully changed ?

Demostrating women gathered outside the Family and Social Policies Ministry in Ankara, Turkey today to protest AKP government’s abortion comments, ignited by Tayyip Erdogan.

Ankara / NationalTurk – Women are here, where is Fatma Şahin ( Turkish Family and Social Policies Minister)?” the women chanted or carried banners with similar slogans on them.

Turkish Police reportedly arrested 27 women after the protesters tried to pass a police barricade and go in the ministry building.

Protests against abortion remarks and a possible draft law are widespread across Turkey.

Turkey is in abortion crisis, agenda successsfully changed ?

The draft of a controversial bill that will restrict or ban abortion in Turkey is to be submitted to the Turkish government next month, according to health minister Recep Akdag, expectedly backing up his leader

Since 1983, abortion has been legal in Turkey for up to 10 weeks after conception, following which emergency terminations are only allowed to take place if medically required.

Meanwhile the New York-based Human Rights Watch called on Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan not to bar access to abortion.

‘ Decades of access to legal abortion in Turkey are at risk,’ stated Gauri van Gulik, global women’s rights advocate at Human Rights Watch.

Sources : AKP Government in Turkey has deeper motives

In Turkey many citizens share the idea that Erdogan and its ruling AKP government is playing  the ‘ abortion ‘ dish with ‘ Uludere incident souce to alter or occupy the political agenda of the country, to set their motives regarding constitutional changes and setting up their own cadre in public offices in motion.

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