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Turkey beats Sweden 3-2 in UEFA Nations League

Turkey clawed back from a two-goal deficit to defeat Sweden 3-2 Monday in a UEFA Nations League group match at Sweden’s Friends Arena.

The first half ended 1-0 with a goal by Sweden’s Isaac Kiese Thelin. Sweden made it two in the second half with Viktor Claesson.

But shortly after, Hakan Calhanoglu came through for Turkey with a shot that got past goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

Emre Akbaba built on the momentum with two goals, sealing a dramatic 3-2 win for Turkey which saw Sweden defeated at home in their first League B, Group 2 match.

Russia beat Turkey 2-1 Friday in their first UEFA Nations League game.

The fifth day of the tournament ended with eight matches.

Other results of the fifth day are as follows:

League A

Group 3: Portugal-Italy: 1-0

League B

Group 2: Sweden-Turkey: 2-3

League C

Group 1: Scotland-Albania: 2-0

Group 4: Serbia-Romania: 2-2

Montenegro-Lithuania: 2-0

League D

Group 1: Andorra-Kazakistan: 1-1

Group 3: Malta-Azerbaijan: 1-1

Kosovo-Faroe Islands: 2-0

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