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Turkey Elections: Turnout Rate May Break Records

The voting process, which started at 08:00 in Turkey, ended when it showed 17:00.

191,884 ballot boxes were set up in 973 districts and 1094 district election boards across Turkey for the election, in which the president who will serve for 5 years and the new members of parliament will be determined.

Voting procedures for the election, in which 60 million 697 thousand 843 voters will cast their votes, ended at 17.00 across Turkey.

However, even though it is 17.00, the voters waiting to cast their votes at the ballot box will cast their votes in turn after being counted by the president.

The election bans will end at 21:00, according to the decision of the Supreme Election Board.

It was observed that the turnout rate was much higher than in the previous elections. There were long waits at schools where votes were cast in almost every region of Turkey.

The turnout rate, which was 86% in the 2018 elections, is expected to exceed 90%.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Sinan Ogan are competing in the presidential election. Muharrem İnce, whose name is on the ballot, announced that he withdrew from the election 3 days ago.

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