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Turkey PM Erdogan and Israel: The provocation strikes again / Breaking News


The Turkish prime minister has accused Israel to bear the blame for the power struggle in Egypt. He had evidence, Erdogan said, but did not provide any details. With his statement, he provoked outrage in Jerusalem and Washington.

Hear this, I know the truth. I can not show you the evidence, but there is a big conspiracy, that’s obvious. Something like that sound many speeches of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, regardless of whether it is internal or foreign policy.

As thousands demonstrated in cities of Turkey against his authoritarian style of leadership, he sensed a plot. He denounced the peaceful protests against his Muslim-conservative government as an international plot. Foreign media would operate on behalf of the “interest rate lobby” and other sinister forces a propaganda against Turkey, “CNN and Reuters, left alone with your lies,” he thundered.

Now Erdogan has expressed similar undifferentiated struggle for power in Egypt – and triggered international outrage. The prime minister accused Israel of the right to bear the blame for the dismissal Morsi by the military. “Who is behind it? There is Israel,” Erdogan said at a meeting of his AKP in Ankara. He was at the same time that we have evidence for his allegations, but did not provide any details.

“Offensive and unfounded”

Absurd, it was promptly from the office of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu reacted with outrage. As “insulting and unfounded” rejected the White House in Washington back the statements. “The suggestion that Israel is responsible for the recent events in Egypt in any way, offensive, unfounded and false,” said spokesman Josh Earnest.

Erdogan stressed that an already difficult relationship that has deteriorated dramatically in the years of his power. Israel and Turkey came together again. The governments were arguing about the war against Hamas and the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla. The Israeli ambassador to Ankara, Gabby Levy, believed in October 2009 that Erdogan provoke the resentment. “He’s a fundamentalist. He hates us for religious reasons,” Levy was quoted in a confidential letter

On the diplomatic thaw ice age seemed to follow, as Netanyahu expressed his regret for the dead of the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla earlier this year. But Erdogan leaves out little opportunity to fuel the conflict again.

In the spring he had to Zionism, the driving force behind the founding of Israel, referred to as a “crime against humanity”. He compared it to anti-Semitism and fascism. These words also triggered international outrage, Netanyahu strongly condemned about it:. “This is a dark and false statement of the nature of which we actually thought that it already belongs to the past”

Erdogan served with his attacks and blame a mood in Turkey has a long tradition. The fear of an international conspiracy dates back at least to the end of the First World War, when the country should be divided among the victors.

If he railed against “interest lobby” and foreign conspirators, he raises himself into a rebellion that his audience believe him immediately. “The anger is an art of rhetoric,” he once said during a television interview when he was asked about his character. “This idea, added turn the other cheek, there is not with us. Patient I’m just not a sheep.”

With his attacks on Israel but he upset a once close strategic partner – and becomes increasingly isolated.

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