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Turkey PM Erdogan’s visit to EU: Meeting of Facilitated / Breaking News


Fresh start or stop? The scandal-loaded Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan wants to remind finally back to the EU accession request of his country in Brussels. But the doubts about the project are getting bigger.

It is a breath of melancholy with when the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended by top representatives of the EU institutions in Brussels on Tuesday for the first time in five years.

Because when Erdogan auditioned last there in January 2009, he still showed itself from its best side. He promised to push for democratic reforms, and presented his Turkey as a model of a modern Islamic country. From the EU, there was plenty of praise: “Turkey plays a key role in terms of regional security, energy and the dialogue of civilizations,” said the then Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn.

There was reason to hope that Turkey could become a strong, important country within the Community.
Conversely, the EU was not yet shaken by the euro crisis, an attractive target for Erdogan. He campaigned committed to Turkish membership by praising its possible role as mediator in the Middle East.

Five years later, the hopes of both sides have broken up. The Prime Minister is no longer an intermediary among its neighbors, since a civil war, Syria has plunged into chaos and has sent the army Erdogan’s Islamist allies Mohammed Mursi in Egypt. In Cairo, Tel Aviv and Damascus, Turkey has not even an ambassador.

The government in Ankara is also located in a deep crisis: First, they came in the summer of 2013 by mass protests across the country under pressure, the protesters criticized the authoritarian style of government and the Islamization of the secular republic – and Erdogan left the protests reflected bloody.

PM Erdogan’s Visit EU:Growing skepticism on both sides

Since December also a corruption scandal rocked the government. Also Egemen Bagis EU ministers had to leave his post, he should have accepted $ 1.5 million bribe. Instead clarify the allegations of corruption, the Turkish government is now trying to control the judiciary and police stronger. Per Twitter, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule warned promptly, he had asked the Turkish authorities, with regard to new laws “seek advice”.

Conversely exists among many Turks before disillusionment. Politicians of the ruling party make no secret of the fact that they hold a full membership of Turkey for virtually eliminated . “We have started negotiations in 2005 , coinciding with Croatia. They’re now a member while we are still years away from it,” says a AKP politicians . ” We must ask ourselves : is further noted Makes sense in this goal?”
Officially, however, being taken to ensure positive signals , finally talks on Turkey’s EU membership in October are officially under way again . So the Turkish Foreign Minister

Ahmet Davutoglu said soothingly about being ” willing to listen to any kind of criticism of the EU”. But what if it really comes down to fundamental criticism ? In Brussels, leading officials make no secret of the fact that they will pursue Erdogan’s behavior exactly in the coming months – should not jeopardize the independence of the Turkish judiciary seriously its decisions , the EU accession negotiations could easily adjust again . Finally, the Copenhagen criteria for accession write stable legal institutions states explicitly .

Reasons to escalate the dispute can be found on both sides. Under Europe’s leaders skepticism about Turkish membership grows . Great Britain, so far one of the most determined promoters of the idea , turns increasingly from Europe. And in Turkey, the project has already become unpopular. Only 44 percent of Turkish citizens support , according to an opinion poll EU membership of their country.

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One Comment

  1. Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who are you!!!
    Erdugan is an Islamist transforming Turkey to an Islamist state

    1: Erdugan declaration:
    ” democracy is like a train. You take it where you have to go, and then
    you get off”
    Erdugan is using the democratic system to change Turkey to an Islamist state-
    Remember; Islamist states are anti democracy>
    Example: Islamist Iran constitution:
    “”This century will witness the establishment of a universal holy government and the downfall of all others””
    2:Turkey in international index reports:
    *The democracy index shows:
    in 2002 Turkey scored 7 points out of 7,making it a “limited democratic regime”.
    In 2012 and 2013, Turkey dropped to only 3 points.
    * In 2002, Turkey scored 5 out of 7 points on civil liberties.
    By 2013 Turkey dropped to 4.
    *The press freedoms index :
    In 2002 Turkey was 99th out of 139 countries>
    By 2013 Turkey had fallen to 154th place out of 179 countries.
    *In 2012, the Economist’s Democracy Index gave Tureky 5.76 points out of
    10, making us 88th of 167 countries and described
    3: Erdugan said that Hamas, Hisbullah terror organizations are his sister parties.
    *” we consider the assassination of Bin Laden an Arab holy warrior” –said by Ismail
    4: Erdugan supports and is supported the Turkish IHH organization witch supports
    international terror.
    *Danish Institute for international Studies:
    IHH is connected to Al Qaeda.In IHH offices Explosives,terror instruction
    manuals, weapons and Improvised explosive documents have been founded.
    *French intelligence report:
    IHH transfers firearms and money to Islamist terrorists to shelter apartments
    in various EU countries.
    IHH produce false documents which facilitated travel by Islamist terrorists.
    *IHH was connected to the Islamist terror attack attempt at Los Angeles
    *IHH has sent several convoys to Islamist terrorists in Iraq Fallujiah

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