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Turkey PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accuses Israel of terrorism

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has spoke to Turkish press from Chile of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raid on the Flotilla of ships travelling to the Gaza strip with aid supplies, which resulted in the death of at least 10 activists.

Angered protesters in Istanbul's Taksim Square
Angered protesters in Istanbul's Taksim Square

Erdoğan will be cancelling the rest of his planned tour of Latin America to return back to Turkey after it was reported that several Turkish citizens onboard the Mavi Marmara, the lead ship of the Flotilla had been injured and some may have been killed.

The Mavi Marmar, which is a Turkish owned ship and other ships and boats were on International waters when the raid by the Israeli Defense Forces raided the aid ships.

Erdoğan, who spoke on a conference call from a Chilean airport accused the Israeli government of Lying and said that the attack is an act of “governmental terrorism” and continued to say that they (Israel) should know that we (Turkey) will not stay silent and non reactive when faced with governmental terrorism.

Highlights of Turkey Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s conference call.

A ship which took off from Turkey along with several other ships, to the Gaza strip with humanitarian aid has come under attack by Israel (Israel Defense Forces) in International Waters.

We have found out that an unknown amount of civilians have been slain. I want to inform the world of what has happened and particularly governmental and administrative presidents. The ships were loaded with aid which consisted of humanitarian aid and the ships were travelling on International waters and controlled in accordance with International rules and regulations.

The ships had white flags on them. The ships which set sail to the Gaza Strip, were attempting to transport humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza who are left without basic needs for an average person to survive. The aid consisted only of medicine, dressing, bread, rice, macaroni, toys and building materials.

The ships did not just consist of Turkish nationals but had citizens of 32 different countries, who all boarded the ships to go to Gaza voluntarily to help the people. The ships also consisted of Parliamentarians from several countries.

Due to the lawless attack of Israel, we were forced to end our trip in Chile without starting. Our government is observing the situation closely.

After the attacks against the ships, we called our ambassador back. We called for the United Nations Security Council for an immediate meeting. NATO is investigating the incident on International waters.

The attack by Israel is completely against International laws. This attack will not bring peace to Israel’s own citizens. It should be known that we will not stay silent in front of this inhumane governmental terror.

However much you are behind lawlessness and to support terror, we are more behind law, peace, justice and of course the victims of the attacks of the peace loving voluntary group from 32 nations, especially those of Turkish nationality.

We want news of the lives lost and the injured on the aid ships as soon as possible. We want the right actions to be taken for the injured victims.

I would like tell all our citizens, especially our Jewish citizens that they are our citizens. They are under our protection.

Whatever Israel do, they get away with. Enough is enough. I have called the United Nations and Markel for support on the matter.

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  1. Thanks to PM Erdogan, one of the few that is willing to stand up for justice and for the hope that we will one day achieve peace in the Middle East.

  2. Your reaction should be brief. Defend your citizens like stated in your constitution against mass murder and slain of innocent civilians, if necessary with military force.

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