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Turkey starts launching military convoy at Turkey Syria border / Long distance guns deployed Breaking News

Turkish Forces move towards Syrian border !
Turkish Forces move towards Syrian border !

Turkey launches first wave of military convoy to Turkish Syrian border. The large military shipment reported to include lond-distance guns towed and self-propelled howitzers.

Hatay, Turkey / Nationalturk – Turkey has initiated deployment of a large number of military vehicles to the Turkey Syria border, not far away to the point where the Turkish military jet was gunned down by Syrian air defense.

The military shipment contains 15 armored tanks, in addition to long-distance guns, towed and self-propelled howitzers and other military vehicles with weapon systems. The Turkish convoy of Turkish armed forces is reported to be heavily guarded as it moves toward the Syrian border in the event of an attack by outlawed Kurdish Terrorists from Kurdistan Worker’s Party.

Turkey seeks retaliation : Turkey shifts military force at Syria border

Turkish Military units and all armed forces reportedly increased security measures and have toughened their rules of engagement on the Turkey Syria border after Syria downed an Turkish air force jet on international airspace.

Turkey Syria Crisis : Move of intimidation or intervention : Turkish forces move toward Syria border

Syria Turkey crisis over downed Turkish military jet has turned today into a new era as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan threatened Syria openly for the first time with these words: Syria is ‘ a clear and present danger’ for Turkey, retaliation is imminent, any Syrian military unit closing Turkish border will be destroyed at spot !

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